In addition to this blog, there are several other Graham’s and Symington Family Estate sites that may interest you.

The Graham’s Port site includes histories of Graham’s and the Symington family, profiles of each of the five quintas which supply the grapes for our wines, and information about our viticulural and wine making techniques.  The Wine pages include tasting notes and downloadable PDF technical reference sheets for all our wines including Graham’s Vintage ports back to 1955.  There is an archive of news items about the firm and our wines, as well as tasting notes from major critics and wine publications and details of the many awards Graham’s has been honoured to receive over the years.

The Graham’s Port Lodge site has all the information you need to plan your visit to our magnificent lodge in Gaia, and a virtual tour for those who may not be able to visit in person.  Tours include a tasting, and there are four different flights of wine to choose from.

Symington Family Estates is a leading producer of premium ports and fine dry Douro DOC wines.  The SFE site includes extensive historical information about the family’s involvement in the port trade, which can be traced back 14 generations, as well as a news archive and links to the websites for each of their wine brands.

The Vintage Port Site is an extraordinary online resource for Port lovers.  The heart of the site is our unique Knowledge Base, which includes viticultural reports for every year since 1945, whether declared or not, and an entry for every Vintage Port produced by all the brands now owned and made by Symington Family Estates – both brand and quinta vintage ports.  For each wine we try to provide a range of tasting notes over the life of the wine, to help you understand how Vintage Port develops as it ages.

Additional features include a series of articles on Port Basics such as History, Winemaking, and Viticulture in the Douro, and a series of articles on Enjoying Port, so you know how to buy, store, decant and serve your Vintage Ports.  We have short profiles of all our brands and their main quintas, a full list of our distributors around the world, and a much more comprehensive list of websites of interest to the Port lover.  There is also a blog-like news feed from Symington Family Estates and links to a selection of articles In The Press about our Vintage Port wines.

If you still can’t find the answer to your question in our site, you can Ask The Expert!

The Knowledge Base is also optimised for use through mobile devices for ready reference in the wine shop or at table, whether you are trying to decide which Vintage Port to buy, how to serve it, or want to share some information about the wine with your guests.  You can send the wine details to your friends, and again, you have access to our Ask The Expert function through mobile.

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