Graham’s Lodge Renovations: Restaurant and Veranda

A shipment of Port leaves the Graham's Lodge for Trondheim, Norway, circa 1919.
Works in progress to create a veranda seating area for our visitors and diners.

One of the most exciting features of the renovations at Graham’s Lodge will be the opening of a restaurant.  Whilst we have previously offered dining and special events by private booking, we are looking forward to welcoming the public to our new restaurant during Lodge opening hours and in the evenings.

Originally the area at the front of the building was the dock for deliveries of port, whether new port wines arriving from the Douro at the end of the winter, or outgoing deliveries of finished Ports in cask ready to be shipped around the world.  More recently there has been a simple veranda but it was not an integral part of the visitor tour or public space.

Now, the area behind the veranda is being re-designed and will include the new shop, a private tasting room, a tapas bar, a restaurant, and a “chef’s table” area adjacent to the kitchen where we will hold exclusive Port tasting and food pairing events.

View from the Lodge circa 1905
View from the Lodge today - still breathtaking.

The restaurant seating area will extend onto the veranda itself, which will be enclosed in a glass conservatory, so our visitors and diners can enjoy the magnificent view up river year round and in all weathers.  The Graham’s Lodge, situated as it is high on the hill at a bend in the river, has a unique and spectacular view of both the Porto and Gaia waterfronts and historic landmarks such as the Dom Luis Bridge, designed by Téophile Seyrig, a one-time partner of Gustav Eiffel, the Sé Cathedral and the Serra do Pilar Monastery, where General Wellesley (better known as the Duke of Wellington) had headquarters during the Peninsular Wars.  Whilst our visitors have always enjoyed this view during the day, with the opening of the restaurant they will be able to see just how magical it is at night as well.

We look forward to welcoming you to our restaurant when the works are complete, later this year.  Keep in touch with Graham’s through the Blog, Facebook and Twitter for news of the opening and more details about the dining and wine tasting experiences we will be offering.

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  1. This one dynamic, will add greatly to the entire Graham’s experience. I can’t wait to bring our groups to dine in the new restaurant. Please keep up us to speed with progress.

  2. Teophile Seyrig was the engineer. He had been a partner of Eiffel at the time of the construction of the D. Maria Pia railway bridge but worked on his own on the D. Luis bridge.

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