Graham’s in Japan

Hibiya Bar staff with their cocktail creations, L to R: Ms Chinatty Teduka, Mr. Takumi Ishikawa, Jorge Nunes of Graham's, and Mr. Yuki Yoshida

Graham’s own Man-About-the-Far-East, Jorge Nunes, has been in Japan to visit customers and provide training to staff at our distributor, Asahi, as well as a wide range of venues that serve Graham’s Port.

Jorge wrote in with this great story:

Something very interesting happened today.  I was giving a staff training to about 30 people, all from a chain of bars called Hibiya Bar in Tokyo (there are 26 of these in the city) and after a question about cocktails, I was presented with 2 barmen and 1 bargirl, who did 3 cocktails using Graham’s Fine Ruby or Fine White Ports.  The photo shows each one holding his or her cocktail.  The staff gave us permission to publish their recipes (see below) – all 3 were really good!

The President of Hibiya Bars, Mr. Oshiro, shared his photos from a recent visit to Graham's Lodge with three of his colleagues.
Asahi staff at the Osaka restaurant Portugalia for training. Recognise the silhouette of the Dom Luis Bridge in the wall painting?

On top of all this, by pure coincidence, the President of Hibiya Bars, Mr. Oshiro, was at Graham’s Port Lodge just 2 weeks ago!  They showed me the pictures he took.

I’m also attaching a photo of a staff training session with our distributor’s Osaka team – our distributor is Asahi Breweries. We tasted Fine White, Fine Ruby, Six Grapes (with the very good Pierre Marcolini 70% dark chocolate), 10 Year Old Tawny and Quinta dos Malvedos Vintage 1998.  Port and Chocolate was a success.  The training was conducted in the Portuguese restaurant Portugalia, whose owner is Eduardo Batista, and has been in Osaka for 34 years.

Jorge will be travelling further in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia, and we are looking forward to more news and photos.

Here are the cocktail recipes which Jorge enjoyed so much:

Ms. Chinatty Teduka and her creation, Sweet Tiger

  1. Graham’s Fine Ruby 40ml
  2. Caramel Syrup 2 tea spoons
  3. Camus Cognac “ile de lait” 10ml
  4. Mascarpone 2 tea spoons

Mr. Takumi Ishikawa and his creation, The Rose

  1. Graham’s Fine Ruby 40ml
  2. Cassis Liqueur 10ml
  3. Pineapple juice 10ml
  4. Litchi liqueur 1 tea spoon
  5. Rose liqueur 1 tea spoon

Mr. Yuki Yoshida and his creation, Frozen Port Sangria

  1. Cointreau 30ml
  2. Peach juice 30ml
  3. Lemon juice 10ml
  4. Cinnamon Syrup 10ml
  5. Lemon peel mince
  6. Graham’s Fine White Port float

5 thoughts on “Graham’s in Japan”

  1. Que engraçado, nunca provei um cocktail com vinho do Porto! Muito obrigada por partilhar as receitas, vou fazer a experiência!!!
    Oh, é de recomendar : os chocolates de Pierre Marcolini realmente estão a altura dos vinhos da Grahams! :)

    1. Thank you both, Bjarne and Monica! We have been wondering how people would react to the idea of mixed drinks beyond Dry White Port and Tonic. We are also purists about our Vintages and the older Tawnies, but otherwise… perhaps approaching it as another kind of (liquid) food pairing?

  2. Maybe now it will necesary to go also to China, India and Brasil, and don´t forget Portugal in the Union…

    1. Hi Augusto, As we speak Jorge is in China, and I know our wines are distributed in Brazil and India and of course we are widely distributed throughout Portugal. If you missed us at Encontrol com o Vinho in late October, watch Facebook for news of our participation in another wine show in Lisbon soon, and of course we will be at Essência do Vinho in Porto in February.

      For anyone who wants to look up distribution for Graham’s or any SFE Port brands, check out the Distributors page under Resources on The Vintage Port Site.

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