Running Off the Lagar

What exactly does it mean to “run off the lagar” at Graham’s Quinta dos Malvedos?

It means opening a pipe at one lower corner, and then trap doors along one side, to allow the must to go down into a hopper from which it travels by a pipe into tank in the lower level of the adega.  It also means tipping up one end of the lagar to shift all the solid material from the cap – skins, pips, the odd stem – out of the lagar into the hopper and moving that downstairs too, possibly into the same tank if the fermentation needs a bit more time before we fortify, or else straight into the press to extract just a little more must.

It also means a lot of noise and excitement, as you will appreciate more fully in this video:

5 thoughts on “Running Off the Lagar”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this!my mum is from pombal de ansiaes and my grandfather and grandmother lived from working in the this all is very special,as I live abroad! So again, thank you very much!

    1. Yes, it is, Augusto. And best of all our research demonstrates the modern lagares produce ports just as rich as the ones produced by traditional foot treading. I think of it as innovation within tradition.

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