Six Grapes Quality Touriga Nacional

The Six Grapes symbol on the wine bottle
One of many casks at the Lodge designated Six Grapes in quality

Graham’s Six Grapes is one of our iconic wines, a rich reserve ruby blended to mimic the intense fruit flavour profile of a very young vintage port.  As well it should, since its component parts are the wines that were left after blending our Vintages.

The symbol of the Six Grapes has always been Graham’s own in-house designation for its highest quality wines.  Before leaving the Douro, all wines were recorded into a ledger, with symbols of a bunch of grapes drawn alongside each entry to indicate their quality.  Each bunch symbol was drawn with a number of grapes in the bunch from one to six, with Six Grapes as the designation for wines of the highest quality.   Upon arrival in the Graham’s Lodge in Gaia, the Six Grapes symbol has always been marked on the casks containing the best quality lots:  potential vintage wines.

So it was only fitting that when our first Touriga Nacional came into the winery this morning, in absolutely pristine condition, the bunches lent themselves to the formation of the Six Grapes symbol.

Six Grapes quality Touriga Nacional

This lot come from the new parcel where I found Charles one evening a few weeks ago.  At the time he told me how very rarely young vines can produce a flavour profile surprisingly like a much more mature vine, rich and complex.  Despite the recent heat, the bunches coming in have been beautiful, as you can see.