Harvest Visitors

Friends Simon Berry Green and Johnny Symington treading at Quinta do Vesuvio

The stream of visitors continues through Graham’s Quinta dos Malvedos.  Johnny Symington and his wife Helen are entertaining guests at Quinta dos Malvedos for a few days.  Among them are good friends Simon Berry of Berry Brothers and Rudd, and his wife Lucy.

In addition to his responsibilities as Chairman of Berry Brothers, Simon is also the Cellarmaster to the Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Household.  In this capacity he advises the Queen on her cellar and serving recommendations for her State Banquets.  Symington Family Vintage Ports regularly feature on state occasions such as the state visit of President Sarkozy when the classic Dow’s 1977 vintage port was served.

Accompanying Simon and Lucy Berry were their friends Veronica and Jeffery Berman who are serious port afficianados, as well as Tim and Dounie Stanley-Clarke, Tim has played a key PR role for the Symington family in the UK for  over 30 years.

Last night the group visited Quinta do Vesuvio, joining Paul and Jane, and Peter Symington, and many more guests from Vesuvio and Cockburn’s Quinta dos Canais.  Twenty seven sat down to an excellent dinner featuring local roast beef and a Quinta do Vesuvio 2008 Douro DOC, rounded off with a board of traditional Portuguese cheeses and magnums of Dow’s 1977.

Afterwards, Simon, Johnny and some of the guests joined the roga (the quinta’s picking team) in the adega, to tread Tinta Roriz in one of the famous granite lagares.  We had 54 people treading 25 pipes of grapes (roughly 20,000 kilos of grapes).

Simon Berry, Jeffery Berman and Tim Stanley-Clarke in the winery at Quinta dos Malvedos

Today Johnny’s guests visited the winery and enjoyed tasting a small flight of Malvedos ports, including the 1999 and sample bottles of the Malvedos 2006 and 2009 Vintage Ports, which are ageing in our Lodge until ready for release.  Later they toured the vineyards at Malvedos, and then cooled off with a boat trip up and down the river to see some of the Symington’s other river quintas.

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  1. Next friday we arrive at the Douro to stay there some days. Hope we can visit your quinta and can join a foot treading.

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