A Chance to Visit Malvedos

How would you like to stand at the top of the vineyard at Quinta dos Malvedos and see the view in the banner photo above, uncropped?  Or relax on the veranda in the photo (right) with your morning orange juice (fresh squeezed, from the orange grove just east of the house) or afternoon chilled Tawny?

Then please come visit the Graham’s Lodge in Vila Nova de Gaia some time this year before Christmas and plan on buying wine and shipping it home in order to enter a prize draw to win a two-night stay for two at Graham’s beautiful Quinta dos Malvedos.

If you purchase wines of a total value of €500 or more and ask us to ship them anywhere in Europe or the UK, your name will be entered into the prize drawing.  At the end of the year Paul Symington will randomly pull out one name to win the trip to Malvedos.  And your chances are good:  so far we only have ten names in the drawing.  MUCH better chances than the Lottery!

So… with a budget of €500 or a bit more, what can you send home? Raul and I did a little dream shopping, and these were our recommendations:

Two 6 x 75 cl cases of Graham’s Vintage 2007 – A candidate for wine of the vintage, the 2007 Graham’s Vintage Port is complete in every way according to Jay Miller of the Wine Advocate who awarded it 97 points.

3 bottles of Quinta dos Malvedos 1965 – Dominic recently tasted this at a Malvedos vertical in Denmark, and was thrilled by how the wine was showing:  The 1965 was delicious, much more full bodied & weighty than the ’58 … I know the ’65 reasonably well, it’s a superb wine, beautifully balanced with all the elegance of a fully mature old Vintage Port and more than confirms the fact that Malvedos is superb vintage port in its own right.

3 Magnums of Graham’s Vintage 1980 – Winner of a Silver Medal at the International Wine Challenge in 2007, where the judges noted its lovely balance, calling it “very fine.” Peter Symington describes this wine as having tight penetrating aromas of wild fruits and floral hints. On the palate full-bodied, and with an excellent tannic structure.  A rich and beautifully balanced wine with a long future ahead of it.

1 Magnum of Graham´s 1970 – this is one of Charles Symington’s favourites, so much so it was his pick to serve at his wedding.  The wine is widely regarded as one of the best of the year.  Our tasting room team have commented:  On the palate this wine is in perfect harmony, round, soft yet with ‘grip’.  There is great length on the palate.

Do you prefer Tawny styles of Port?  Then your dream choice must be two bottles of the limited edition Graham’s 1961 Single Harvest Tawny.  Just 3 pipes of wine have been selected by Charles Symington to be bottled in this limited edition.  Sarah Ahmed in her Wine Detective blog described it as very much in the Graham’s house style – rich yet balanced, with terrific depth of flavour and mouthfeel.  Amber in hue with a saffron rim, it’s incredibly smooth, the spirit well integrated/balanced by lush layers of lightly toasted almonds, bourbon vanilla, singed caramel (tatin-style), fruitcake and florentines.    A very long, fruity finish shows plenty of nutty spine.   Outstanding.

Another Tawny choice would be a case (6 x 75 cl) of Graham’s 30 Year Old Tawny.  This wine has repeatedly won Gold and Silver medals at the International Wine Challenge.  Our tasting notes:  Light, orange-tinted amber colour, magnificent perfumed nose with great class showing an array of dried fruits. Outstanding mature concentrated palate with full honeyed fruit, gorgeously mellowed. Simply delicious with an aftertaste that lasts and lasts.

The Shop at Graham’s Lodge doesn’t just sell Graham’s ports though – there is a wide selection of Ports and Douro DOC wines from all the brands made by Symington Family Estates.  Here are a few choices from among those wines:

The 2007 Vintage Gift Case is a handsome wooden case containing one bottle of each Graham’s, Dow’s and Warre’s Vintage 2007, which together were awarded 291 out of a possible 300 points by the Wine Spectator.  Buy two of these cases to enter our prize draw.

1963 is a legendary Vintage and we still have a very few bottles of Warre’s 1963 available.  Send home two for your chance to visit Quinta dos Malvedos, and your drive up from Porto to Malvedos will take you past Warre’s Quinta da Cavadinha.

Charles Symington collaborates with Bruno Prats to create the incredibly elegant Chryseia Douro DOC wine which is vinified at Quinta do Roriz, just down river from Malvedos (you will be able to see it from the hill tops).  Buy a case (6 x 75 cl) of the Chryseia and a few choice bottles of Port to follow it at dinner to qualify for the prize draw.  We are able to put together mixed cases for you, if you want just a few bottles each of several different wines.

Finally, for those of you who cannot go anywhere without your Port, but need to travel light:  Raul figures purchasing 61 tins of Graham’s LBV and 10 Year Old Tawny miniatures will qualify your entrance to the prize draw.

Note that you must visit the Lodge and purchase and ship wines from there to enter the contest – we are not able to take orders by phone or internet.  We have been shipping wine regularly throughout Europe and the UK and have never had a breakage yet, though our shipments are fully insured.  Speak to Raul or any of our Lodge staff for more details about our shipping services and the full rules for the contest.

We look forward to seeing you at the Lodge and – with luck – at Quinta dos Malvedos one day too!  What’s on your shopping list?