Henry in the Spotlight Once More

Henry Shotton, Graham’s winemaker at Quinta dos Malvedos during the harvest, gets to do many of the best tastings, lucky man.

Graham’s was recently contacted by David Swaddle, a UK based wine educator who is preparing new video materials for use in WSET training as well as independent e-learning wine courses and short YouTube videos about Port.

David met first with Dominic Symington, who chatted with him (and the camera!) about the Symington family and the Port trade.  David and Henry then went on to the Graham’s Lodge and there, Henry tasted and talked through a broad range of Graham’s wines, including our full range of Tawnies, the Crusted 2003, and five different Vintage Ports:  Malvedos 1999 and a sample of the just bottled 2009, and Graham’s 2007, 1994 and 1983.

What was particularly interesting, and will be a great help to learners when the materials are released, was the comparisons of wines – for example Henry compared and contrasted the Late Bottled Vintage 2006 with the Six Grapes, and the difference in “house styles” of Graham’s tawny ports versus the Otima tawnies produced by our sister brand, Warre’s.

And yes, when the filming was all over, we did let David taste the wines too!  Stay tuned for links to his materials as they become available on the internet in the coming months.