How’s The Vineyards?

Poppies at Vila Velha

The past two weeks or more have been incredibly warm and sunny in Gaia, and also up in the Douro.  Our vines, along with all kinds of plant and insect life, are flourishing.

Miles Edlmann, our research viticulturalist, maintains meticulous records of the progress of our vineyards, from one end of the Douro to the other.  At this point in time, the development of our vines is running about five days ahead of average.

The next key date in their progress will be flowering.  At Quinta da Cavadinha, the Warre’s flagship quinta roughly 3.5 km north of the Douro in the Pinhão valley where much of Miles’s research activity is based, has an average flowering date of 23 May.  For Graham’s river front quintas 8 to 12 km upriver, Vila Velha, Malvedos and Tua, he would normally expect flowering 5 days earlier than that, and at Malhadas, well to the east in the Douro Superior, flowering is likely to be fully 10 days earlier.

Miles is naturally out and in the vineyards as much as possible to do his job and generally see how things are going, and lucky for the blog, he has a new camera to take with him as he makes his rounds.

Click into the first thumbnail below to open up the photo in a full blog page, then use the hyperlinks at the foot of each image to scroll through the gallery and learn more about the vines, flowers and  insect life in our vineyards at this time of year.

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