Wild Boar in our Vineyards

On Monday, whilst showing visitors through the vineyards at Malvedos, Dominic Symington pointed out the hoof marks of wild boar imprinted deep in the schistous soil, quite high up on the quinta.  The boar was apparently just passing through, no signs of damage to the vines, luckily.

Well, it seems he was on his way to Paul Symington’s own quinta in the Pinhão valley, Quinta das Netas.  It also is clear the boar is a connoisseur of port grapes:  realising the nearest plantation was only a few years old, and not yet up to vintage production standards, he took out his frustration on the back lawn.  In Paul’s own words:

The wild boar came in from the pine forests and wild scrub that surround my vineyard and had a real party.   I am hoping to make at least one of these critters into a good wild boar sausage, if I can catch them.

Good luck, Paul! We look forward to the celebratory barbecue when you do catch one.

One thought on “Wild Boar in our Vineyards”

  1. Thanks Cynthia, I have been up early trying to put the grass back! Just for the record, it is much cooler and the rain of the last few days here in the Douro has done the grapes power of good. Before tackling the grass, I walked my dogs to the top of my vineyard and had a good look at the Barroca, Touriga Franca and the old vines. Good healthy grapes all around. If good weather now returns, we will have some fine wines.

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